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    I'm working on these now. I will post them as I get them done. Comments/opinions/suggestions are welcome.

    League Structure

    Each team will have 15 wrestlers. Each week, you may start 11 wrestlers: one at each weight class and one "flex" wrestler of your choice.

    Competition/How to Win

    Competition is not head-to-head. Instead, every week, your team's points (see "Scoring" below for details) will be added to your cumulative total. Cumulative scoring ends after conference championship week. At this point, the top 6 teams make it to "the playoffs," which is really just the NCAA Tournament. For the playoffs, the cumulative scores are disregarded, and whichever player accrues the most points during the NCAA Tournament wins the league.

    i) Posting Your Lineup. Weeks will begin on Monday and end on Sunday. Every week, the commissioner will open a thread wherein all lineups must be posted by midnight (EST) Sunday night. If your lineup is not posted by this deadline, your lineup from the previous week will be used. No exceptions.


    A) Regular Season Scoring
    i) Points will be awarded as follows: Pin - 6; Tech - 5; Major - 4; Decision - 3; Forfeit - 3; Medical Default - 3; Injury Default - 6.
    ii) Dual Meets. All dual matches will be scored.
    iii) Tournaments. In eligible tournaments, all matches will be scored. The following tournaments are eligible: Kauffman-Brand, Midlands*, Oklahoma Gold, Cliff Keen Invitational*, Southern Scuffle*, Reno Tournament of Champions, Body Bar Invitational, Michigan State Open, NC State Open, Penn State Open, Navy Classic, Mizzou Open. *Champions of Midlands, CKI, and the Southern Scuffle will receive 10 bonus points. Runners up at these tournaments will receive 5 bonus points.
    iv) If your wrestler beats an Intermat Top 20 ranked wrestler in a non-eligible tournament, you will get the points for that win.
    v) The NWCA All-Star Classic will be scored. Both the "Main Event" and the "Side Card" qualify.
    vi) Conference Tournaments count as part of the regular season. However, wrestlers who win the Big 10 and Big 12 tournaments will get 15 bonus points added to their scores, those finishing second in these two tournaments will get 10 bonus points. The guys who win OW at those tournaments will also get 5 bonus points. All other conferences will have bonuses of 10 points for a championship and 5 points for a second.

    B) Playoff Scoring
    i) The playoffs are really a one-event deal, with that event being the NCAA Championships. Teams making the playoffs will have their scores reset, and the whoever generates the most points at NCAAs wins. "Tournament scoring" will be used for the playoffs. I'm not exactly sure of all the details of tournament scoring, but you can probably find it in the NCAA rules online somewhere. I will post it when I get to it.
    ii) Bonuses will be awarded as follows: OW - 3; Gorrarian - 2.

    Wrestler Acquisition

    Wrestlers may be acquired in 3 different ways: The draft, free agency, and trading.

    A) The Draft
    i) Draft Order. The draft will be performed in alphabetical order.
    ii) Draft Execution. Because this league is carried out over a message board, the draft is kind of tricky. We will have the draft in early October, and it will probably take 2-3 days. Basically, when it's your turn, someone will text/call you to let you know. At that point you will have a time window to make your pick by posting it on here or by phone/text/etc. This way, if you are at work/school, you will have time to make your pick.
    I will post more on this after we decide when will be the best time to have the draft.

    B) Free Agency/Waiver
    Each owner can claim up to 10 wrestlers from free agency/waivers throughout the season. In order to do so, the owner must drop another wrestler from his roster. Claims are placed by posting in the "Free Agency/Waivers" thread.
    i) Free Agency. Any wrestler not on a roster or waivers (see below) is a free agent. A free agent may be claimed at any time on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    ii) Waivers. Whenever an owner drops a wrestler from his roster, that wrestler will be placed on waivers for 3 days. At the end of this period, whichever owner who wants the wrestler and has the highest waiver priority will "win" the wrestler. This owner will then move to the bottom of the waiver priority list. Initially, the waiver priority order will be the reverse of the draft order (aka reverse alphabetical order). If no one claims the wrestler in the waiver period, the wrestler will fall into the free agency pool.

    C) Trading
    i) Getting a Trade Approved. After you negotiate a trade, post it for approval. For the most part, trading is allowed freely. However, any trade deemed detrimental to the spirit of competition will be rejected. The commissioner reserves the right to reject any and all trades.
    ii) Deadline. Trades will not be allowed after conference week.
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