Your help is needed to protect wrestling on the West coast. Currently a group has approached the University of Oregon to have Baseball added to the Athletic Program.

While I am sure no one is against the addition of Baseball, I am sure that those same people would not be for the elimination of wrestling. The Baseball folks are making their voices be heard which appears to be strong support for the sport to a new Athletic Director.

Wrestling is not being represented. We have a program so we do not feel the necessity to fight for what we already have. Baseball on the other hand has organized a vocal group to fight for a program. One of the options being presented is replacing wrestling with baseball.

What I am asking is for you to send an email and/or call the Athletic Director Pat Kilkinney in support of keeping wrestling alive and well at the University of Oregon. Wrestling people want their voices to be heard. Now is the opportunity. We can not wait for a decision to be made and then have to fight for what we want.

It would be devastating to the sport to lose a Pac 10 team. Wrestling would lose its affiliation with the conference and the remaining Pac 10 schools would have further reason to eliminate the sport . Arizona State, Oregon State, Stanford would also benefit by you dropping a note to their Athletic Directors in support of those programs as well.

This is not a Title IX issue, the University is in compliance and the OCR (office of Civil Rights) and NCAA is against dropping men's sports to add womens programs. It is not a financial decision because the Oregon athletic department operates in the Black. It is all about perception. The baseball people are making contact and the wrestling people should be doing the same. Please have all of the people you know (parents of wrestlers, wrestlers, coaches, fans, family and friends) contact our athletic department at the following address: or call 1-541-346-4481.

Nothing elaborate just a voice of support. There can not be too many calls or emails. Now is the time . Thank you for your support of the wrestling community.

Please CC any emails to Rick Stewart at

Phone 1-541-346-4481 ask for the Athletic Director Pat Kilkenny talk to him and/or leave a message.

Email: Just a short note in support of keeping wrestling alive at the U of O.

Rick Stewart
Oregon Assistant Wrestling Coach