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Thread: Shawn Charles to ASU

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    If Jordan is interested, he'll probably be on staff somewhere, but not as a head assistant. I'm sure Charles will want someone with a little more experience to help run things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluestater View Post
    Thanks for telling me about Mizzou's staff. That's cute. And I have a feeling Ben has heard about Arizona Combat Sports, but it's sweet of you to tell him that.
    Looks like my sweetness paid off. I like how the staff is starting to look. Shawn Charles, Raymond Jordan, Ben Askren, Brian Stith, and the other person is suppose to be hired this week and it's another great pick-up.

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    Ben askren and anthony Robles...two very interesting wrestlers united in Arizona. Maybe we'll see Robles start crunching some cradles instead of just tilting everyone.
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