Anyone know anything about this kid -i know he is the 11th ranked 215lber in the nation but that is all I can find on him -he just signed with IU-if he is any good at all Powless could drop to 184 -where he belongs -Cameron could sit the bench -where he belongs -and Everhart might have a breakout year -2 years ago he was 5-10 at hwt.-last year he won 25 matches -
As much as I hate what goldman has done with the program IU is still my alma mater and they may have a decent squad next year -Esco-Ortega -Ortega-Walpole -Kinser -Young -Perry -Powless-Malone/Kriss -Everhart .
Ortega at 33 turned it on at the big 10 tourney finishing 7th and avenging 2 losses -yet didn't receive an invite .He had 10 falls , also.
I would greatly appreciate any info on Kriss . Thanks .