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Thread: College Wrestling Survey - Initial Results

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    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to start by thanking everyone for their participation in the wrestling survey. As always, the wrestling community showed a great deal of support for this project. In total, we received 1,064 responses to the questionnaire. While we are continuing to work hard on analyzing the data, I wanted to provide some initial results from the rules and regulations section for those who filled out the survey.
    Overall, the results demonstrated that fans were not satisfied with 10 of the 11 categories included within the survey. When investigating the various categories, the responses confirmed that fans were most unhappy with the “implementation of stalling within matches” (mean = 2.68) and the “consistency of referees” (mean = 2.87). I guess this isn’t surprising since many of you would like to see an increase in the action realized within matches. This is also necessary for making the sport marketable to your average sport’s fan. <O

    When examining the open-ended responses, the suggestions confirmed the previous concerns on stalling and the “consistency of referees” (17.8% of all responses) within matches. To increase action within matches, there were several fans who suggested an “increase in the number of stalling calls” (17.3% of responses) within matches. Additionally, many of you felt that it would be beneficial to “implement a push-out rule” (10.2% of responses) to increase scoring between opponents in matches. Finally, similar to the previous categories, two other suggestions to improve the action between wrestlers involved the “elimination of riding time” (10.4% of responses) and the “adjustment of scoring to improve action” (4.9% of responses). Particularly, many individuals explained that offensive takedowns should be awarded with more points than defensive takedowns (offensive = 3pts; defensive = 1 pt). <O

    I felt that many of you had terrific suggestions to improve the college wrestling product. This is only a small portion of the results, and we will look forward to providing you with more details as they become available. I am putting together a website to include results from the study. I’m hoping the site will become a resource for helping improve the sustainability of college wrestling in future years. Thanks again!

    <OCoyte Cooper<O

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    Interesting results.

    I definitely agree with the stalling comments. I would like to see stalling enforced more.

    I'm a little skeptical about the pushout rule. I wouldn't want to see a match won or lost by a simple pushout.

    And I disagree with the elimination of riding time. Riding is one of the most difficult parts of wrestling, and I would hate to see wrestlers put several minutes of effort into riding an opponent and get nothing for it, plus it gives the bottom guy more incentive to escape.

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    In relation to the elimination of riding time, there were several comments that related to bringing wrestlers back to their feet if there was no scoring for 30 seconds. I guess this would indicate the use of a hybrid Freestyle model to increase wrestling on the feet.

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    Default Re: College Wrestling Survey - Initial Results

    I think the collar ride should be considered stalling. A revision of the stallig rules needs to happen on the college level. If the top guy isnt working to advance his position then it needs to be viewed as stalling. Keep the riding time so it forces the bottom man to escape.

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    Well done Coyte,

    If you need hosting or anything to get the site up, let me know. The server TWT is on is free to wrestling related sites.

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    Default Re: College Wrestling Survey - Initial Results

    Thanks Jacob! I may have to consider that as I move towards putting a site together. I appreciate you letting me know.

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    Default Re: College Wrestling Survey - Initial Results

    Really? Interesting.

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    I wouldn't mind seeing a push-out rule with the same penalty structure as stalling where the first time is a warning. I think it has helped freestyle and greco with the pace of the match and the action staying at the center of the mat.
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    There were lots of people that felt the same way. This was interesting because the push-out rule was not included on the original questionnaire. The combination of a warning prior to a point could be interesting.

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