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Thread: Greg Randall to Iowa State??

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    Find Greg Randall to Iowa State??

    I see on the "other" forum where at least two people are suggesting that Boise State's Greg Randall is going to be named next week as the new head coach at Iowa State.

    Personally I think the two who posted those messages are full of BS but I'm curious to know if anyone here might have any insight on this.

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    Definitely would be an interesting pick considering the other people with closer ties that have expressed interest.

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    Greg Randall has not been contacted by ISU as of 5 minutes ago.
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    Frankly, we need good coaches in the West, and Randall's doing a great job there.

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    I don't see it happening. But if it did occur I would not be all that surprised as Randall is an Iowa guy.

    It would make sense for HIM.......but whether Iowa State would want him to take over their program is the part I'm having a hard time believing. I would think that Iowa State would have all sorts of alums who would be better candidates for the job (as well as other "national" wrestling coaching candidates).

    IF he does end up at Iowa State (highly unlikely IMO) I think Boise State would be just fine as long as Chris Owens and Kirk White remain at Boise State.

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