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Thread: Flowrestling Blog: Fire, Fire, Hire, Hire

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dart Shark View Post
    I actually touched on the topic (slightly differently) two weeks ago in my "first" Pat Santoro blog over you know where.

    The entire point I was making there was Santoro (before leaving Lehigh) was rewarded for building a winner with more money and a contract extension and the AD should be applauded for such. And then pointed out stagnating coaches should be more accountable for lackluster performances.

    It's a Premium item right now, but I think I'm moving the entire blog of IM to the free side soon.


    Ok billytickets........"peace" to you too
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schlottke View Post
    What do you think his motives are?
    he wants baskren to have a d1 coaching job?

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    His blog was straight forward and blunt which I admire to a point. Sometimes a little tact will help.

    ONe schools mediocroty (sp) that bothers me is the University of Northern Iowa. This is a once proud program that could compete on the national level. They have fallen way off the mat. I hate to say it but I believe a coaching change needs to be made there. Penrith has been around for a while now and he just doesnt produce contenders. One AA every couple of years is a far cry from what that program once was. With it being placed right in the center of wrestlings heartland you would think that there would be more success from that program if it had a better leader. I realize they have won the west regional something like 25 times in a row but big deal. It's the west regional. I also know that they cannot pick the regional they are in but the regional is not the goal. A national title should be the goal and they don't even begin to come close anymore. I would love to see UNI be better. I love that school and even went there for a year. The direction of that program since Manning left saddens me.

    Off my soap box.

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