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Thread: Where's Lost?

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    Glad to hear your doing alright. Hey, you never set-up a paypal account so you only have yourself to blame.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Its ok I didnt expect or need money from anyone that whole telethon thing got blown way out of proportion
    Gold is an idiot.

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    I started it as a joke. You got a ride down and back because of it didn't you? So everything turned out alright.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    well on the other forum a few people said theyd give me money and then it started this whole thing with people flaming me saying I was asking for handouts and a free ride to nationals (which was absolutely not the case)
    Gold is an idiot.

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    It's all good. You can't post anything over there without some morons chiming in.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoSt View Post
    Sorry guys lifes been pretty busy ever since st. Louis lots of tests and class stuff, I got booted out of my freshman seminar class for not showing up so I have to do really good in all my other classes or my dads going to kill me.

    I dont really post much during the offseason once the wrestlings over Im sort of worn out from all the hardcore fanning I've been doing all season and I take a break, I also follow MMA a lot more.

    I actually got that case of beer up here just fine my mom never even knew about it I hid it in the bottom of my laundry basket, it was a damn heavy basket.
    My grandma did look a little surprised when I showed up at her door with a giant case of beer though.

    As for my current misadventures well I have to admit I havent been bringing it quite as hard as I would like, my friend convinced me to start playing WoW despite my misgivings and it was the worst decision I've ever made in my life that game eats souls

    I did have to meet with the dean and get threatened with judicial action for telling the parking lady exactly where she could put her parking policy when I found out I had 3 tickets I didnt know about the other day... Not the brightest moment of my life.

    Also I'm being haunted by dreams of various kinds of Bats at night I dont know if that has anything to do with my trip or not.

    For the recap, well I'll be honest with you parts of my trip were epic and parts were pretty mundane. The problem is most of the epic ones happened with the guys from the forums and JB's crazy friends, and I've been asked not to post about them. Even the more vague or more benign stuff I posted on here I got asked to take down so I have to respect those peoples wishes.

    The wrestling itself was great but I was so worn out from watching it afterwards that I didnt really have any desire to do a recap on the actual tournament,

    Plus no one actually contributed to my telethon so I dont owe you people anything :P

    I was bored and drunk the other weekend so I started a thread called "LoStNuMbEr" over at the guillotine to see how many hate posts I could get but the moderators deleted it before I woke up that afternoon.

    Thats about all I can think of right now.

    P.S. I actually kind of like the sig I think im going to keep it
    Oh, thought the telethon was for next year. My bad.
    See you in St. Louis!

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