In his column in the April 4, 2008 issue of WIN, Bryan Von Kley makes a couple interesting proposals...

One is to have the championships for all three divisions of college wrestling together at one event. If I understand him correctly, he would have a single Division II/Division III session on the Wednesday immediately before the Division I championships traditionally begin. If any additional time is needed, those matches could be wrestled on Thursday between D1 sessions.

He lists these potential plusses:
> Diehard fans of ALL of college wrestling have only one event to attend -- less travel
> D2 and D3 coaches don't miss out on watching potential recruits in action at HS state tournaments
> D2 and D3 wrestlers get to compete in front of a potentially greater number of fans, and gain more media attention

Whadya think?

PS Sorry, I couldn't find a link to Bryan's column at the WIN website, hence my paraphrasing. If you can find a direct link, post it here.