Serious question here.

I, like all of you, have been doing my fair share of reading Sanderson posts here as well as on themat, Flo, wrestlingreport, etc... Something that I have noticed, has been the varying opinions of Hawkeye fans concerning Caels decision to go east.

There are Hawks that are ridiculing Cael for leaving, which would lead a logical person to believe that they are sad to see a great coach leave a great program in the state of Iowa. These same Hawks cite "keeping the cyclone/hawkeye rivalry strong" is important to them, and Cael was instrumental in providing this "strong rivalry".(With good coaching, Im assuming.)

Now this is were things get cloudy. These same Hawks are also criticizing PSU for hiring Cael, saying things like "Cael wont win a title at PSU" and "Cael being at PSU doesn't worry them, PSU wont get any better" "Cael isn't a motivator" "Cael is not that good of a coach, he has no titles" and all sorts of other defensive nonsense.

So it seems to me, Hawkeye fans loved Cael at ISU, he provided the Hawks with a "good rivalry" and "good competition".

So I ask...How in the heck did Cael lose his ability to provide a "good rivalry" and "good competition" and lost his ability to coach a team which will challenge the Hawkeyes just by moving to Pa?

It seems to me there is some very sour grapes in Hawkeye country, IMO the Hawkeyes KNOW that Cael is a GREAT coach and if Cael/ISU beat them for a Nat'l title, then at least they were from Iowa. Now, they cant have that safety blanket. If Cael/PSU beats them, then Pa is going to take over not only HS supremecy, but NCAA as well.