Thanks to Jason's superb journalisim skills, I go to to look at some numbers I understood. I'm a Lit guy, not a number cruncher by any means, so it was nice to have my learning disability catered too.

That being said, the following jumped out at me. I don't think anyone else has brought this up:


Number of freshmen who placed at the 2007-08 NCAA Championships. James Nicholson (ODU, 125); Mike Grey (Cornell, 133); Mack Lewnes (Cornell, 165); Jon Reader (Iowa State, 165); Kirk Smith (Boise State, 184)."

How many of these kids become four time AA's? I'll take Smith, Lewnes for sure and Reader and Grey as probable.

In this day and age of media and four time champs, the four time AA might not get enough attention, especially if they were a lower placer. But this is really an accomplishment.