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Thread: 2008 senior nationals place winners

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    I guess I forgot Atticus Disney at HWT as well. Looks like he grabbed a fifth place. Nice looking class for Gophers.

    I only wish Gophers could have landed Maresh. He is going to be a stud. I think he's playing football right?
    It sounds like Disney didn't have his greatest of tourny's, but I can't verify that. Just what was getting thrown around on other boards. It will be interesting to see how his RS goes and if he puts on the 20-25 pounds he would need to go with his speed.

    Maresh is playing football for the U of MN next year and is part of a recruiting class that is widely (and suprisingly to many of the experts) considered Top 20. Brewster wasted no time in following through on the promise he has as a recruiter and Maresh was an early target for him to land. We still have a ways to go to get back in the Big 10 mix, but after this last year...anything is an improvement. Can't wait for the new on-campus stadium either!

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    Big down year for Ohio, very few of the big names competing. Might help return the tournament to its original status by moving it to St. Louis or Indianapolis (more centrally located and cheaper to get to). Competition level the last couple of years has been down.

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    I wonder if J Rob isn't going to stay in Maresh's ear even though he has a stable full of young heavyweights now with Nord, Berhow and Disney.
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