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    I know that he gets relatively no respect and is known as the worst 2x champ on these boards but what about Teyon Ware? Did he get any consideration at all? Don't know his exact career record but I know his bonus point wins are better than he is given credit for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    I'm surprised you left two people in particular off... I might be more surprised about others, but I don't know anything about a lot of those people. But Kevin Randleman was a 3x Finalist and 2-time Champ (one with a busted jaw) in only 3 years of competition. The other surprise is Joe Heskett. I know he only one it once, but he did finish in the top 3 all 4 years and was seeded #1 all 4 years--a symbol of his dominance
    He was seeded #1 3 years, not all 4. Pritzlaff was seeded #1 in 2001, Heskett was seeded #2.

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    You are correct... I stand corrected

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