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    Pretty cool feature from Intermat today. Looking at the list, kind of strikes me as odd that no one made AA for the 4th time in the year 2000, nor did it occur in 1990.

    2008: Coleman Scott, Eric Tannenbaum, Mark Perry, Phil Davis
    2007: Sam Hazewinkel, Nick Simmons, Johny Hendricks, Ben Askren, Cole Konrad
    2006: Teyon Ware, Dustin Manotti, Jake Rosholt, Steve Mocco
    2005: Travis Lee, Jake Percival, Ryan Bertin
    2004: Johnny Thompson, Tyrone Lewis, Damion Hahn, Tommy Rowlands
    2003: Eric Larkin, Jared Lawrence, Luke Becker
    2002: Stephen Abas, Bryan Snyder, Joe Heskett, Josh Koscheck, Cael Sanderson
    2001: Eric Juergens, Michael Lightner, Donny Pritzlaff

    Impressive names here, even more impressive are some of the names that didn't make it up here.

    Next year it looks like theres going to be three guys with a shot to make the list. Unless I missed someone that is, then there could be more.
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