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Thread: Caption this

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    I wonder what I'll have for dinner...

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    Hmmmmm, one swift kick and this dude is toast.

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    "Do I break this off or do I bend it like a pretzel?"

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    Hudson Taylor: Hmmm...If I step behind the leg you can defend it like this, but if I step infront of the leg you can defend it like that

    Josh Glenn: So what are you going to do

    Hudson Taylor: Step in front

    Taylor step's behind and get's the takedown

    Josh Glenn: You jerk!
    "Within all of us there burns a passion of fire. Forever feel the heat from the flames of your desire"

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    Yum! Glenn sweat.
    See you in St. Louis!

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    Taylor..."Decisions, decisions...hmmmnnnn...what should I do..."

    Glenn ..."Damn it do something will you"

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    "I wonder if this is considered a hate crime...?"
    "Now class, I'd like for you to transition from downward dog....straight to FULL BRING!!!"

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    Proof that Hudson is a cerebral dude...

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    Hey, is that John Candy in stands?

    (For all of you football fans, you should easily get this quote. Any guesses?)

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