The content of this rather longish post covers several possible forums, however, it directly involves my weekend long over-reaction to the Cyclones disappointing 5th place finish at the '08 NCAAs. During the 07-08 wrestling year, I fell into a Cyclone wrestling trap based on last year?s strong 2nd place performance @ the NCAAs. I was convinced they would make a very serious title run despite early set backs to Iowa and the Midlands. When it started to go south on Friday night at the STL, my hopes were dashed and my mood soured very quickly. As a result, I'm certain that I broke one of the Ten Commandments last weekend along with other possible ?violations? involving swearing and such. I admit ? I take this stuff way too seriously and I will work on it. Read on for your own amusement as I have been put in my place.

To relieve some of my Cyclone wrestling frustration on Sunday afternoon, I set out to do my daily Metallica -- Master of Puppets 3.5 mile run that I?ve been doing for years. Unable to find my iPod Shuffle, I had to ?borrow? my son?s much more expensive iPod Nano; the video model. Amazingly, I recognized most of the songs that he had despite the fact that he is 1/3 my age. One of the songs had some of the most amazing face melting guitar solos that I have ever heard (Through the Fire and Flames??). The song made me feel old as I knew that my good friends Slash and EddyVanH would never be able to rip those chords and notes out. Back to the wrestling connection.....

As I am running along trying to warm up my already tender right ankle, the only thing I can think about are all of those close Cyclone losses Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. As I was contemplating the depressing criteria loss against Varner, out of absolutely nowhere, a freak gust of wind comes blasting through the neighborhood and knocks me slightly off course. My tender right foot catches a void between the sidewalk and grass (and with the vengeance of a demon) my ankle turns hard. I go down like a rock, but not before feeling horrifying pain. I haven?t felt pain like this for at least 10-years and I can only classify it as weapons grade pain of the highest order. Naturally, I lose the grip on my boy?s Nano, and can only watch it as it catapults and flips ass-over-tea-kettle smashing and skittering on the unforgiving concrete below like a Mexican jumping bean on steroids. Almost as an angry final gesture, on the last step of the dance, a mean neighborhood dog starts to charge me. It?s a Rottweiler and he is furious at me for daring to get injured on his watch. I faced him down quickly and it backs off (thankfully). This beastly beast could carry off Kevin Darkus into a gully and you'd never hear from him again.

My heart in my throat, I gimped over to my kid?s iPod (which is now in the middle of the street 12-meters away) and cradled it in my arms for a brief moment before being able to build up enough nerve to look her over. After taking stock of a nasty gash on the back side and dings on all four corners, I noticed an even worse one on the front side -- right in the middle of the screen. With kind of a stubborn resignation, I put the buds back in, only to be disappointed as it spat out a fuzzy song with an air of disgust. It is ruined!! (Read ? another Commandment broken).

Walking like an older version of Buddy Epsen back to my car, I came to the conclusion that winning national championships are not life and death matters. On a scale of 'life and death' at the top and 'important' on the bottom, I place it just below 'gravely serious'. It is a baby step for me, which is about all I can do with my black and blue ankle.

May I inquire when Cyclone fans can reasonably expect a championship when viewed against the backdrop of a serious Iowa resurgence?