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Thread: Metcalf slam in finals?

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    I agree. A slam tends to get the audiences attention whether or not its there guy doing the slam or being slammed it brings out concern from everyone.

    I didn't see it but I was watching the matches, trying to explain to my neighbors how to score the matches and may have missed some of the action.

    I can tell you that to a person, everyone in the room became bored to tears after the 174 match. I couldn't argue with them although I was trying to explain to them how evenly matched these weights appeared to be.
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    The other thing these newbies noticed was that whomever seemed to get hurt in the match, ended up winning. (See Perry, Jaggers). I was chuckling and saying to them, in what other sport do you find the guy that's hurt sucking it up and consistently winning. I think I made a couple of wrestling converts that night which is a good sign for the sport. Thank you to ESPN again for putting it on T.V. or I would not have been able to get them in front of the sport.
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    I'm just saying if you watch the tape, Metcalf leaves his feet coming down. I mean, it wasn't a Spencer Mango slam, that kid can get air born, but it was a good drill.

    I'm all for tough wrestling, I think if it had been a slam, people would be more animated about it.


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    Bubba has had a comment to say about just about everything regarding Metcalf, but he hasn't said anything about a slam, and neither have his coaches. Leads me to believe they didn't feel it was a slam.
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    Metcalf Is A Beast!!!!!!!

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    Well Seeya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rxmpsu View Post
    I am a Penn State fan who watched the match and rooted hard for Bubba. I didn't think it was a slam, and I am glad that it was not called. Metcalf deserved to win, he is probably the best pound for pound wrestler in the nation right now. I love Bubba, but if Bubba is going to beat Metcalf, I want it to be earned. Metcalf is the champ.

    Congratulations to him and all the Hawkeyes.

    I don't think anyone's saying that the match should have been given to Bubba, but that was without question a slam.

    I was watching it with my high school coach, and we went back a couple times and watched it over and watched it in slow motion, and Metcalf actually leaves his feet, and he drives his shoulder into the mat. A slam is a slam, you have to take your guy to the mat under control. He did not do that.

    I think it'd have been a crime if Jenkins would have stayed down, had a slam gotten called and taken the win that way, but it absolutely was a slam.
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