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Thread: Mendes parents & referee

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    Default Mendes parents & referee

    This was posted on the California Forum, don't know who the poster is or if in fact he/she is related to Mendes, but something to ponder if true.

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    Default Re: Mendes parents & referee

    Sounds like a load of bull to me, a ref, especially at that level, would never do that.

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    Default Re: Mendes parents & referee

    I call BS on this too. No way, No how do you admit that. Maybe if you are writing your memoirs or something. Wrong place and time.
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    Default Re: Mendes parents & referee

    A former AA told me that a ref. apologized to him the next year for a bad call. I don't think it is entirely unbelievable, but i still don't buy it.

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    Default Re: Mendes parents & referee

    If it is true, that sucks. But even so, he shouldn't have left it in the ref's hands. And if Mendes would have gotten the takedown and wrestled differently, that still does not mean he would have won. Jaggers likely would have wrestled differently too.

    If what she say's is true, and she is truly the mom, I understand her frustration, but saying "we will never forgive you" is pretty childish and she needs to grow up.

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    Default Re: Mendes parents & referee

    And Kessel went to the Churella family and said the same thing!
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    Default Re: Mendes parents & referee

    Kessel did blow it...i thought mendes match was officiated fine...Jaggers was the best..

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    Default Re: Mendes parents & referee

    I know that his mother posted something similar on my forum and it is in fact her. In real time I thought it was a TD, but I haven't seen the TV broadcast, maybe not.
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    Default Re: Mendes parents & referee

    That's such a shame, not getting the 2 in the second caused him to give up 2 & 2 in the third period. Her sons score was 1-0 going into the third, with him on bottom. I would think a "champion" would have shrugged off the no call and proceed to outwrestle his opponent the final 2 minutes of the match. Jaggers earned his championship, his mom said so!
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