Bubba has stated he'll move to 157 next and red shirt. Burroughs looks huge and apt to move up too. Others, I'm sure will move away from Metcalf. Then we have a couple of true frosh entering the field, Scott Winston and Jason Welch that could very well plop into the 157 field. Will Schlatter move up ?

157's Vallimont, Poeta, Leen, Gillespie all return. 157 could very well be the most overloaded weight next year.

With Tannenbaum and Perry exiting, I can see Vallimont moving up to 165 and loosening up the Penn State line up for Molinaro, Strayer and Scott. I can also see Molinaro transferring out.

Given Leen's size I can see him moving up to 165 also, with Lewnes moving up to 174 and replace Ancerwasaverage.