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    What do the top 5 coaches have in common? Youth! Brands, Ryan and Sunderland 30's. Manning early 40's, and then the young buck Cael, still in his 20's. And then look what McCoy(30's) has done with Stanford, Shifflet (sp?-30's) with Hofstra, Cody(30's) American, Smith(early 40's)-Mizzu, Bono(30's)-UTC, Koll(40's)Cornell and list goes on. Looks like youth is the key. Yes, there are still plenty of the ol' wise vets that do a great job, but I think college guys are responding better to the young coaches! Here's a few programs I think could use some fresh leadership.

    10-Minnestoa-No disrespect to J, but since "his" SR class is graduating, maybe it's a good time to follow and let the youth of Morgan and Eggum take over.

    28-ASU-not an age issue, but I would guess any and all ASU fans would love to see someone new.

    28-Michigan State-holy hell...1 National qualifier....Minkel doesn't cut it.

    39-Oklahoma-Spates, 39th at nationals and your university is in the middle of wrestling country, how can that be?

    41-Lehigh-see above with OU.

    Those are my top 5, what do you all think?

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    Trusty as an ASU fan and I think Homer will agree it is time for Oriz to exit. He ran off Aaron Simpson whos is a great coach and was great for the program plus he is a terrible recruiter. He doesnt seem to be able to develope his talent either. I dont know if it would be better to give the program to Erik Larkin but I personaly think he would do a better job. Maybe look at a Bill Zaddick or Bring Simpson back. Anything would be better.

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    I think a Youthful set of assistant coaches is more important than a youthful Head coach. Coaches need to be able to get in there and wrestle but if Dan Gable wanted to be the head up your team you wouldn't deny him that because of his age. He still knows and understands what's going on and while he may not be able to wrestle with his wrestlers he still would hold a lot of value as a coach. Get the assistants to stay in shape and wrestle

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