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Thread: Early Predictions for 2008-2009 Season

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    Default Re: Early Predictions for 2008-2009 Season

    Had i kept Paul Young as my back up 165 he would have scored me 120 points in fantasy without placing higher than 7th in a tournament-29-13 with 8 falls ,2 techs ,6 majors and 13 regular decisions -about 40 points more than Stewart scored me .4-4 in the big 10 and 3-2 in the tournament . That post about Bryan Deutsch winning the MAC ? he lost to Young his Senior year and ended up at N.Ill. Young and Kinser have been teammates and friends since 4th grade -I hope they both transfer to CMU.

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    Default Re: Early Predictions for 2008-2009 Season

    Quote Originally Posted by ISU2008 View Post
    - All 6 of ISU's juniors will AA
    - ISU takes its third straight Big XII title
    - Varner techs his way to the finals (no, not really, but he will win)
    - If Kish does run for governor, I will find a way to get Minnesota residence and vote for him

    - National Finals
    125: Escobedo over Donahoe
    133: Ness over Gomez
    141: Russel over Gallick
    149: Schlatter over Metcalf
    157: Poeta over Gillespie
    165: Marable over Lewnes
    174: Luke over Browne
    184: Pucillo over Todd
    197: Varner over Askren
    285: Massey over Rosholt
    Quote Originally Posted by ISU2008 View Post
    I would love to see Precin as a high AA

    ISU line-up
    125: Tyler Clark AA (7-8) or R12
    133: Nick Fanthorpe AA (3-5)
    141: Nick Gallick AA (2-4)
    149: Mitch Mueller AA (5-8)
    157: Cyler Sanderson AA (5-8)
    165: Jon Reader AA (3-7) or Nate Carr Jr AA (7-8) or R12
    174: Same
    184: Jerome Ward AA or R12
    197: Jake Varner AA (1)
    285: David Zabriskie AA (3-5)

    Midlands: Top 2
    National Duals: Top 3
    Big XII: 1st
    Nationals: Top 3

    I believe every one of the starters will have a shot to AA, not saying that we will have 10 though.
    I'll bring these up after NCAA's for those predictions, but my in-season predictions were spotless. 1st at Big 12, 2nd at Midlands, 3rd at Duals. Anyone want a psychic reading?
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    Default Re: Early Predictions for 2008-2009 Season

    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    Thought it would be cool to bring this back up.

    I had written a long post reviewing the follies and strong points of my own predictions, but I lost my internet connection and that post was lost.

    I will rewrite:

    I was more or less wrong about:
    125 - Triggas seems to have regressed from last year.
    157 - I didn't realize 157 would be so brutal this year, and I thought Johnstone would put on some muscle, but he didn't.
    197 - John Weakley isn't even on the team anymore, though I really couldn't have expected that.
    285 - Morrison looked like he was going to make me look good early on, but the long season of wrestling bigger people has worn on him.

    I was more or less right about:
    133 - Hump is right there in the title hunt.
    141 - Jaggers is right there in the hunt as well, but that is to be expected.
    149 - Palmer should finish top 3, and probably has the best shot of knocking off Metcalf.
    165 - Sponseller is right in the title hunt.
    174 - The mystery ??? man qualified.
    184 - Didn't really go out on a limb to say this guy will be in the title hunt.

    I'm most happy about predicting the (ballpark) success of Sponseller and Humphrey. I'm happy about this mostly because Zapp strenuously objected to both of these picks more than any other, criticized them as truly idiotic, and called me everything but a smart man.

    We will see how close and far everyone truly was in a few days!
    Wanted to randomly bring this up because I would like credit for being right about Sponseller (he didn't AA that year, let alone come close to a title), and I would also like to ignore the Hump thing, since he was a finalist.
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

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    Default Re: Early Predictions for 2008-2009 Season

    So you had to search through 2.5 years of posts to find one you could take credit about being right?

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    Default Re: Early Predictions for 2008-2009 Season

    Hahaha. WELL Sponseller was 2-0 against the champ that year.

    At one point I was thinking about how Humphrey had to be one of your least-favorite wrestlers that year. Beating Ness (one of your favorite wrestlers at the time) and Dennis (the Iowa darling of the moment). If he had been able to beat Gomez (from Brandon) he might have driven you over the edge.

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    Default Re: Early Predictions for 2008-2009 Season

    GOAT Bumps

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