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    It was the toughest NCAA's that I have ever seen. It was brutal. Nick Fanthorpe from Iowa State got seven stitches after the tourney, and his opponent got ten!!! I am glad to hear that Jaggars felt that there was no "ill intentions" because it really looked like he wrenched it pretty good.

    Oh and the guy with one leg... Did he happen to lose it in his match at Nationals? Maybe Mendez was trying to help him find a new one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldShamrock View Post
    It was also mentioned that JP O'Connor wrestled his last three bouts with a torn MCL, with surgery possible this week. Can anyone confirm?
    It was partially torn at the end of the 2nd round. Was going back to Boston to have it further looked at and possibly scoped. Took a lot of heart to keep wrestling with it.
    See you in St. Louis!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VACYCLONE View Post
    Take a look at the photos of the top finishers at each weight class (DH provided some great photos) and most of them look like they have been through a meat grinder. Lots of scrapes, stitches, cuts, bruises, mat burns and black eyes. What a group of wrestling warriors!
    DH's photo of JP during the Schlatter match tells it all. I recall after he beat him, Alan Meltzer saying "that kid's got a lot of heart".
    See you in St. Louis!

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelfish View Post
    I heard there was a guy wrestling there with only one leg! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
    Anthony Robles was the one legged wrestler from Arizona State, he was one match away from all american this year. He gave Esco a very tuff match, I think Esco only beat him by 2. I would bet he's going to be on the podium next year. Anthony was something to watch.

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