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Thread: NCAA's Day 3: Match Ups/Results/Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by ISU2008 View Post
    I know it's the exact same thing. But ISU's undefeated wrestler just got outwrestled in the finals, at least let me rationalize it for tonight before I have to accept it tomorrow.
    That's why I'm waiting to give you a sig. No need to rub it in. Varner's a hell of a wrestler.

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    Default Re: NCAA's Day 3: Match Ups/Results/Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Lyle View Post
    Well after watching the entire match again, I don't think either Pucillo or Varner stalled at all. They were constantly fighting for just the slightest advantage. I think Pucillo put himself in better position for the majority of the match but with Varner so much taller and in russian like stance, legs back and hardly bent, made it impossible for Pucillo to take a shot. I think we witnessed the one of the best in the nation on top vs the best in the nation on bottom. It was a very slow match, but I think both wrestlers executed there game plans and when it came down too it Varner could not hold down Pucillo like he planned.

    P.S. I also had to get up and walk it out when Jaggers got injured, but it was more for my nerves :\
    I like what you say... the match is reminiscent of a lot of high school upperweight matches, where there is not a ton of action, but that doesnt mean that either one is necessarily stalling

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