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Thread: big for weight class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    I think Ness is actually taller

    Agreed, there is no doubt that Ness is taller than Escobedo. And since Ness is 5 foot 8, Angel is likely 5 foot 6 and *maybe* 5 foot 7. Unless he's wrestling all guys at 5 feet and under, Escobedo doesn't have that massive height advantage...

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    the 184 from pitt is huge

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    You mean Gavin at 174? He's definitely big for the weight, quite tall. I think he started his career at 184 and then dropped down...

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    anthony robles of asu has the upper body of a 157lber but is at 125 due to the lack of one leg

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    yea hes made tyrel todd look small. and thats pretty hard to do todds a monster

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    I saw Mendes and Morgan wrestle in person and I thought Morgan made Mendes look like a dwarf, and not because Morgan is all that big, hes tall but not really big. Coleman Scott most definetly and Leen as well. Varner has always looked too big to be 84. Pendergast from Navy looked absolutely HUGE, he made Fields look small which is tough to do.

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    mendes looks huge, fox obviously, varner is probably the biggest 184 pounder ever. Palmer looks huge but I think he's pretty short. Burroughs looks too big to be at 149 next year.

    I've never thought scott looked overly big maybe its just me

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