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Thread: Semifinal Match Ups

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    glenn is tough, but wynn has a shot, you only have to win by one, and he wants to finish his career off right, either way, he will be an all american for the thrid time, so that isn't bad... too bad with bubba's match, loosing on riding time, but fox is tough.. I don't see c twin winning either, but I would love if we can get one cmu guy in the finials.. and hopefully 4 all americans

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    Donahoe vs Ness bothers me! Two of my favorites going at it. I want Ness to win the Hodge, but I also like Donahoe style and especially where he is from (Davison). I'm going to pick Donahoe on this one.

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    Angel bodylocks faulf. Wins 4-1.

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