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Discuss JT#1's Final NCAA 2008 Predictions at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; 125 1. Paul Danahoe Junior Nebraska (3) 2. Tanner Gardner Senior Stanford (4) 3. Jayson ...
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    Default JT#1's Final NCAA 2008 Predictions

    1. Paul Danahoe Junior Nebraska (3)
    2. Tanner Gardner Senior Stanford (4)
    3. Jayson Ness Sophomore Minnesota (2)
    4. Angel Escobedo Sophomore Indiana (1)
    5. Gabriel Flores Senior Illinois (6)
    6. Charlie Falck Junior Iowa (5)
    7. Luke Smith Senior Central Michigan (US)
    8. Michael Sees Senior Bloomsburg(7)

    Round of 12: Mark McKnight Senior Penn State*Rollie Peterkin Freshman Penn*Brandon Precin Sophomore Northwestern*David Tomasette Senior Hofstra

    1. Coleman Scott Senior Oklahoma State(3)
    2. Mack Reiter Senior Minnesota (8)
    3. Franklin Gomez Sophomore Michigan State(1)
    4. Tyler McCormick Senior Missouri (US)
    5. Mike Grey Freshman Cornell (7)
    6. Joey Slaton Sophomore Iowa (4)
    7. Joe Baker Junior Navy (11)
    8. Lou Ruggirello Sophomore Hofstra (6)

    Round of 12: Nick Fanthrope Sophomore Iowa State*Zach Tanelli Sophomore Wisconsin*Jimmy Keneddy Sophomore Illinois*Andrae Hernandez Junior Indiana

    1. Charles Griffen Senior Hofstra(2)
    2. Manuel Rivera Senior Minnesota(5)
    3. Nathan Morgan Senior Oklahoma State(4)
    4. Chad Mendes Senior Cal Poly(1)
    5. Kellan Russell Freshman Michigan (3)
    6. Carter Downing Senior Wyoming (US)
    7. Dan LeClere Sophomore Iowa (8)
    8. Drew Headlee Senior Pittsburgh (US)

    Round of 12: Nick Gallick Sophomore Iowa State*Matt Kyler Sophomore Army*J Jaggers Junior Ohio State*Kyle Ruschell Sophomore Wisconsin

    1. Brent Metcalf Sophomore Iowa(1)
    2. Dustin Schlatter Junior Minnesota (2)
    3. Josh Churella Senior Michigan (5)
    4. Lance Palmer Sophomore Ohio State (9)
    5. J.P. O'Conner Sophomore Harvard (3)
    6. Scott Ervin Senior Appalachian State (10)
    7. Morgan Atkinson Senior Cal State Fullerton (12)
    8. Will Rowe Junior Oklahoma (US)

    Round of 12: Ryan Lang Senior Northwestern*Don Fisch Senior Rider*Darrion Caldwell Sophomore North Carolina State*Ceasar Grajales Junior Penn

    1. Brandon Becker Senior Indian (4)
    2. Matt Kocher Senior Pittsburgh(6)
    3. Gregor Gillispie Junior Edinboro(1)
    4. Mike Poeta Junior Illinois(2)
    5. C.P. Schlatter Senior Minnesota(5)
    6. Jeff Marsh Senior Michigan (US)
    7. Josh Zupancic Senior Stanford(12)
    8. Dan Vallimont Sophomore Penn State(3)

    Round of 12: David Nakasone Senior Lehigh*Ryan Hluschack Senior Drexel*Cyler Sanderson Sophomore Iowa State*Michael Chandler Junior Missouri

    1. Eric Tannenbaum Senior Michigan(1)
    2. Mark Perry Senior Iowa (2)
    3. Pat Pitsch Senior Arizona State (US)
    4. Stephen Dwyer Sophomore Nebraska(5)
    5. Jake Deiffenbach Senior Oklahoma State(7)
    6. Nick Marable Sophomore Missouri (3)
    7. Mack Lewnes Freshman Cornell (4)
    8. Kurt Gross Senior Kent State (11)

    Round of 12: Moza Fay Junior Northern Iowa*Roger Smith-Bergsrud Junior Illinois*Jake Donar Senior Wisconsin*Trevor Stewart Junior Central Michigan

    1. Keith Gavin Senior Pittsburgh (1)
    2. Matt Stolpinski Senior Navy(7)
    3. Gabriel Dretsch Senior Minnesota(8)
    4. Jay Borschel Sophomore Iowa (4)
    5. Brandon Browne Junior Nebraska(3)
    6. Brandon Mason Sophomore Oklahoma State(6)
    7. Steve Luke Junior Michigan(2)
    8. Brandon Sinnott Senior Central Michigan(5)

    Round of 12: Aron Scot Senior Iowa State*Michael Letts Sophomore Maryland*Stephen Ancerverage Junior Cornell*Nick Hayes Senior Northwestern

    1. Christian Sinnott Senior Central Michigan(4)
    2. Tyrell Todd Junior Michigan (3)
    3. Roger Kish Senior Minnesota(8)
    4. Jake Varner Sophomore Iowa State(4)
    5. Mike Pucillo Sophomore Ohio State(2)
    6. Phil Keddy Sophomore Iowa(6)
    7. Raymond Jordan Junior Missouri(6)
    8. Josh Weitzel Senior Oklahoma(5)

    Round of 12: Rocco Caponi Junior West Virginia*Kirk Smith Freshman Boise State*A.J. Kissel Freshman Purdue*Ian Murphy Senior Cal State Fullerton

    1. Wynn Michalak Senior Central Michigan(4)
    2. Joel Flaggert Senior Oklahoma(10)
    3. Josh Glenn Senior American(1)
    4. Mike Tamillow Senior Northwestern(3)
    5. Phil Davis Senior Penn State(2)
    6. Joe Rovelli Senior Hofstra(12)
    7. Dallas Herbst Junior Wisconsin(6)
    8. Jared Villers Senior West Virginia(US)

    Round of 12: Craig Brester Sophomore Nebraska*Max Askren Sophomore Missouri*Pat Bond Sophomore Illinois*T.J. Morrison Senior Rider

    1. Dustin Fox Senior Northwestern(1)
    2. J.D. Bergman Senior Ohio State(2)
    3. Ed Prendergaust Senior Navy(3)
    4. Matt Fields Senior Iowa(4)
    5. Bubba Gritter Senior Central Michigan(8)
    6. Michael Spaid Senior Bloomsburg(11)
    7. Jon May Senior Nebraska(US)
    8. Dustin Rogers Senior West Virginia(US)

    Round of 12: Matt Ellis Sophomore Missouri*Travis Gardner Senior Oregon State*David Zabriskie Sophomore Iowa State*Jarid Rosholt Sophomore Oklahoma State

    There you have it. I took a lot of high hopes on risky predictions. Crazy stuff will happen at the NCAA's for sure. I say, why not try and predict some of it.

    "Within all of us there burns a passion of fire. Forever feel the heat from the flames of your desire"

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    Default Re: JT#1's Final NCAA 2008 Predictions

    I don't think Kish is going to get #3 unless Mr. Miagi from Karate Kid is able to get him the oriental cure.

    His injuries are bad and even average wrestlers are going to be able to hang with him.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Default Re: JT#1's Final NCAA 2008 Predictions

    no way pucillo is all the way to 5th, Luke to 7th? have you looked at Jaggers draw? Reiter a finalist?
    Do you watch wrestling?

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    Default Re: JT#1's Final NCAA 2008 Predictions

    Don't think much of ISU, do you?

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    Default Re: JT#1's Final NCAA 2008 Predictions

    Geez I'm a MN homer but no way does Reiter get 2nd. He has been rode like a show pony all year and just doesn't have what it takes to get to second. He will AA but no way does he get to second. I also don't think Kish has a shot at 3rd as it is he may not AA with the injuries.
    The NCAA selection committee just screwed the Gophers on seeding.

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    Default Re: JT#1's Final NCAA 2008 Predictions

    I hope you are entering the pick'em contest!
    I will smash your face into a car windshield and then take your mother, Dorothy Mantooth, out to a nice seafood dinner and never call her again!

    Tell me about it, this morning, I woke up and I shit a squirrel, but what I can't get is the damn thing is still alive. So now, I've got a shit covered squirrel running around my office and I don't know what to name it.

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    Default Re: JT#1's Final NCAA 2008 Predictions

    It is kinda funny that he lists "creative writing" as an interest. "Creative" is one of many words I could use to describe those predictions.
    I'm JeepCreep, and I approve this message.

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    Default Re: JT#1's Final NCAA 2008 Predictions

    I had a lot of the same response on the "other" board.

    Gopherfan - My head tells me that Reiter will finish around 6th-8th, but my gut feeling and high hopes tell me he's good enough to make the finals this year. I see him making the quarter finals for sure, where he'll most likely have Franklin Gomez. That's a match he is more than capable of winning, but things don't look good on paper. If he loses He'll most likely have either McCormick, Castillo, Grey or Keneddy in the round of 12 match. Upsetting Gomez will be his best bet.

    Being strichtly realistic, with no upset predictions and taking all hope out, I think Varner will either finish 1st or 2nd. However, I don't think anything would make my experience at the NCAA's better than to see Roger Kish upset him in the quarterfinals. Now call me crazy but I think Kish even not at 100% is good enough to beat Edmondson, Chriswell or Kissel and make the quarterfinals. Varner despite getting somehow caught on his back and pinned, will for sure make the quarterfinals. We'll see the match, and it looks as if I'll most likely be wrong. However, I'd sure like it if I was right.

    Zappacy - I didn't mean to have ISU not AA'ing at any other weight, but it just sorta worked out that way when I made my predictions. I see Luke Smith upsetting Clark in the second round. I see Hernandez over Fanthrope, LeClere over Gallick, Schlatter over Mueller, Poeta over Sanderson, Gross or Pitsch over Reader, Browne over Scot, Kish over Varner, Tamillow over Bertolino, and Bergman over Zabriskie. My 133, 165 and 184 are upsets but at all the other weights, Iowa State did indeed get rather tough draws.

    Jeepcreep - I'm going to come back and read my post. You can address me you know? What fun is it to strichtly stay to the seedings and rankings? If you do that, you still walk away disappointed. Upsets and a lot of really weird stuff is going to happen this year. Why not predict some of it?
    "Within all of us there burns a passion of fire. Forever feel the heat from the flames of your desire"

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    Default Re: JT#1's Final NCAA 2008 Predictions

    Wow, those are some bold picks! I have to agree though, there is no way Kish is going to get third. Especially him beating Varner, I don't see that happening! Did you see his arm at Big 10's?

    133 I see Slaton getting 1st or 2nd, he would have beaten Gomez at Big 10's had he decided to get his offense going before 1:30 left on the clock. I see him and Scott in a close match in the finals.

    157 will be a very interesting weight to watch everything unfold.

    165 will be another nail bitter in the finals, but I think Perry wins in a close one.

    Go Hawks!!!!
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