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    Default What the....??!!

    Justin Bronson got 4th at Northern Plains while going 1-0, 1-0 with Maxren?!?

    For the love of god, does this mean he is going to pull a Drew Brees on the MN Hwt spot over Nordhow? I doubt it, but that is the absolute BEST he has done anywhere.

    Sorry, but I was interested in the MN contingents opinion on this board.

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    there lies the problem he scores 0 points and thats his best outing

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    Who is Maxren?

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    Justin had his chance. He won't be able to beat out Eidensheink at 197 nor Berhow or Nord at Hwt. He is a marginal highschool talent at most who really should have gone DII at best.

    Good for him though to take 4th place.
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    Maxren = Max Askren

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