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Thread: Big 10 Tournament: Final Wrap Up

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    You think Kish and/or Schlatter won't tough through their respective injuries for their senior year? Maybe it isn't going to be their choice.

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    It doesn't have to be Kish or Schlatter that can't go. A lot of guys got banged up this weekend, and if any of them can't go in two weeks, then Saf will.

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    I was looking and I think Kinser actually had 2 wins (beating Vogel 5-0, and Skowneski 5-1) in the bigten dual season, but that may not have had much influence.

    Maybe being a #3 seed and getting pinned by an unseeded wrestler to finish 8th in what was a pretty weak weight in the bigten.

    As opposed to sending a guy from what is by far the toughest weight in the conference and the country who came in unseeded and knocked off a returning national finalist on his way to finishing 8th.

    Maybe it was simply the coaches looking at who was wrestling better right now, and Safratowich simply didn't wrestle well this weekend. I'm just playing devil's advocate, since I don't have a dog in this fight. I think that no matter who gets the WC there's always going to be at least one guy that can make a case that he should have been chosen.

    With that being said, I'd be surprised if he didn't get in as an alternate.

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    I dont think I give the WC to Saf over Kinser, not even an Iowa bias... the guy came in the number three seed in probably the weakest bracket top to bottom in the big ten and finished eighth. Kinser finished the same in probably the toughest conference bracket EVER assembled, leaving it up to the wild cards is never something you want to do, especially in the big ten where you only get two, he picked to the wrong weekend to have a bad tournament, simple as that

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