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    Default Big Ten Wrestling Championships ? Finalist Quotes

    Iowa Head Coach Quotes - Tom Brands?We didn?t wrestle well. We got beat up a little bit. We are coming on strong, but we aren?t attacking and doing everything we need to. We need to stay tough in tough situations. We haven?t been very consistent. The championship isn?t over. Minnesota has a few there and we have two. We need to worry about what we need to do to come back. The wrestling public has been waiting for Metcalf and Schlatter to wrestle. Iowa vs. Minnesota is what everyone wants to see.?

    Minnesota Head Coach J Robinson Quotes
    On Minnesota?s performance:
    ?I think our guys are performing well. It?s been a good round and we?ve been intense throughout it. We are here to win and that?s what we have worked for all year. We knew what we had to do and we stuck with our game plan.?

    On Minnesota?s injuries:
    ?We have to do what we have to do. Injuries aren?t new to us and we need to find ways to win. The whole year we?ve been trying to get everyone together and we finally did recently. However, tonight put is back to where we had been.?

    On Jayson Ness:
    ?He showed what I?ve been trying to teach and that is you need guts to succeed. He was straining and going back and forth. By getting out of the hold and getting the victory, he showed how much of a warrior he was and how tough of a kid he is. He demonstrated that you always need to come back strong to get a victory.?

    On the intensity between the coaches:
    ?One of the hardest things in college wrestling is you have to hope for upsets. In the heat of the battle emotions run high and coaches can be yelling at each other one minute and friends the next.?

    On tomorrow?s match between Metcalf and Schlatter:
    ?Everyone is looking forward to seeing Metcalf face Schlatter. It will be a very tough match and the crowd will be excited to see what happens.?

    On Mack Reiter:
    ?He has had a tough season with some weight problems in the beginning of the year. He has fixed those problems in the past couple of weeks and I think he has what it takes to win tomorrow.?

    2008 Big Ten Wrestling Championships ? Finalist Quotes

    Jayson Ness, 125 pounds, University of Minnesota
    On the emotions with competing this weekend:
    ?The emotions are huge. It?s a lot of fun. I have a lot of friends and family in the stands being from Bloomington.?

    On what was going through his mind during the match:
    ?He went out being aggressive. I got off my back and I got the strength to get out of it. I got put on my back a lot, but I always got out of it somehow. I kept fighting, kept pushing, and I never gave up. It was a lot of heart that got me through the match.?

    On the his match up in the finals:
    ?Angel (Escobedo) is a tough competitor, and it will be a tough match. I?ll have to come out tomorrow and give my best.?

    Angel Escobedo, 125 pounds, University of Indiana
    On his last match:
    ?I was disappointed in myself after my last match. I couldn?t finish against opponents, but I have been practicing, trying to get better in that area this season.?

    On tomorrow's match up against Jayson Ness:
    ?I?m looking forward to the match and keeping my scoring up. I need to keep attacking, and I need to focus on my leg attacks. The more I shoot the less Ness will score.?

    James Kennedy, 133 pounds, University of Illinois
    On the final match:
    ?We haven?t wrestled each other this year. I think it will be a surprising, tough match."
    Franklin Gomez, 133 pounds, Michigan State
    On tomorrow's championship match up:
    ?I think I have to focus on my technique and defense. I also need to have the mindset to get through the match. I have been taking it one match at a time, and it?s gotten me to the finals.?

    Kellen Russell, 141 pounds, University of Michigan
    On his next match against Manuel Rivera:
    ?Tonight I?m worrying about getting my weight down. I have to get my offense going. I need to keep pushing the pace, and I think I can get the win like I did against Iowa?s guy.?
    Manny Rivera, 141 pounds, University of Minnesota
    On the championship bout:
    ?I want to stick to my game plan. I am most comfortable on my feet, but I can also do well when I?m on the mat. It should be a good match up. We have both beaten each other this season, but I came here to win.?

    On the semifinals:
    ?I knew the guy had a defensive style of play, and I kept him from rolling underneath me.?

    On his thoughts wrapping up the season:
    ?This weight class is tough because everyone is really close in skill level. There was less pressure this season; however, I always expect myself to win.?

    Brent Metcalf, 149 pounds, University of Iowa
    On the championship final:
    ?I have to continue to score points by bringing it on the offense. I want to keep a high pace up so I can keep scoring. I am excited for tomorrow?s match. I have been waiting for it all season.?

    On his semifinal bout:
    ?I felt better in that match than in my previous one. I didn?t give up that many points; however, I need to pick up my overall game.?

    On Iowa?s team performance:
    ?Our guys have been losing matches they should win. As much as I care about my performance, I care a lot more about my team?s performance. I hope our team can start playing up to our usual level.?
    Dustin Schlatter, 149 pounds, University of Minnesota
    On coming back from his injury:
    ?It?s great to be healthy again, and to come back from my injury. I worked really hard to get back to here I am today. Injuries happen all the time. You need to be able to get through it. While I wasn?t on the mat, I was doing everything I could to improve.

    On the championship bout:
    "This should be a fun match tomorrow. I had some up and downs recently. This time around I?ll be the hunter and not the hunted which really excites me.?

    On Minnesota?s team performance:
    ?We are doing well overall. I think we have what it takes to come out of this weekend with a championship. Ness really motivated everyone by fighting so hard off his back.?
    Mike Poeta, 157 pounds, University of Illinois
    On being ranked number one throughout the season:
    ?It doesn?t matter if I am number one or not because I bring the same type of motivation regardless. When I am number one, I want to distance myself from the field.?
    Dan Vallimont, 157 pounds, Penn State University
    On the championship match:
    ?I need to prepare the same way I have been preparing for every other match. Anything can happen, as today has shown with all the upsets. Past matches do matter here, and I am only thinking about tomorrow.?
    Eric Tannenbaum, 165 pounds, University of Michigan
    On balancing school with wrestling:
    ?It?s been crazy doing school and wrestling together. There have been may disbelievers on both sides. I believe anything after wrestling won?t be as tough.?

    On the championship match:
    ?I?m going to focus on my next match, then nationals. The match is important, and I hope to learn from it. I want to use it in preparation for nations.?
    Gabe Dretsch, 174 pounds, University of Minnesota
    On his unique style:
    ?I don?t have the capability of getting low, so I try to come with better angles, using my body to get points. I find using an unusual style works best for me.?

    On the semifinals:
    ?I knew I needed another take-down. I pushed the pace, and I made him go on the defensive. The win is huge because it?s head to head with Iowa.?

    On Minnesota?s overall team performance:
    ?I think as a team we are headed into the right direction. This is my fifth year wrestling, and my fourth as a starter. Tomorrow I get to live my dream. It will be a close match tomorrow. We get people tired just like Iowa does.?

    Steve Luke, 174 pounds, University of Michigan
    On his next match up with Dretsch:
    ?Gabe and I will meet for the fourth time. He is strong and physical. Sometimes I get shots in on him and hopefully tomorrow that?s what will happen.?

    Mark Perry, 184 pounds, University of Iowa
    On the championship final:
    ?I am hoping he commits to his shots so I can get on top of him. He is really quick, so I will push the pace on him. I need to work off Tannenbaum?s mistakes.?

    On Iowa's performance:
    ?I never let my teammates? performances affect me in the past, but tonight was different. I didn?t expect them to go down like they did tonight. Hopefully we can come back and win the championship.?

    Mike Tamillow, 197 pounds, Northwestern University
    On the quality of coaching at Northwestern:
    ?We have great coaching. I try to pick up every little thing and have it stay with me which makes me a better wrestler.?

    Tyrel Todd, 184 pounds, University of Michigan
    On his technique:
    ?In high school, I used a slick technique, but in the Big Ten there is a more physical style of plan. I had to work on my physical training and improve my strength. With my improvements, I have achieved a lot of success.?

    Phil Davis, 197 pounds, Penn State University
    On his mindset during matches:
    ?I don?t think a lot. I try to be on the ball and rely on my instinct. We have good coaching, and I just try to react to things instinctively.?

    On fans:
    ?When I?m in front of my fans, I let loose. The fans get a sense of who you are, and they help push you.?

    On his personal drive:
    ?Not winning a state title in high school pushes me every day. It looks like I have a lot of attitude out there because I want to be the best.?

    Dustin Fox, heavyweight, Northwestern University
    On his having to cut weight:
    ?It?s interesting what wrestlers must do to succeed. I had to lose weight, like most little guys do. As a result, we came closer together as a team.?

    On his championship final:
    ?I?m going to do what I have to do to score more points than J.D.?

    J.D. Bergman, heavyweight, Ohio State University
    On the key to his successes switches to the heavyweight class:
    ?I have more energy, but I know that I have to relax out there. This season, I am having more fun wrestling as a heavy-weight than I ever have.?
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    Default Re: Big Ten Finalist Quotes

    They botched something and have Perry down as 184. Pucillo isn't even on there.

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