Ok here's the deal... take all NCAA 149 champions (according to wrestlingstats.com). All of them are 1x champs at that weight. I haven't been following NCAA wrestling long, but from Esposito through to Caldwell they've been pretty dominant when they win. In an imaginary bracket set up as shown below who wins the whole thing?

But we don't just guess who we think is better... here are the rules for determining who wins each match-up.
1: Head to head. The wrestler who won most head-to-head NCAA matchups wins.
2: If tied, the wrestler who won the most head-to-head matchups on the Sr. Freestyle circuit wins.
3: If tied, the wrestler who has the most NCAA top 3 finishes wins.
3: If tied, the wrestler who has the highest finish at the World/Olympic team trials wins.

I'll leave this up for a day or two to see if people have any interest in providing stats and finding "winners" according to my rules. If no one's interested I'll take it down. Once the first round is done someone (or myself) can draw up a bracket for the 2nd round and so on.

Here's the bracket... (ie caldwell gets a bye first round, metcalf vs gillespie, and so on. Athletes were placed most to least recent and byes put in wherever convenient for me)

BYE vs

Metcalf vs

Schlatter vs

Janzen vs

BYE vs

Lawrence vs

BYE vs

BYE vs