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Thread: Forum Downtime Today

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluestater View Post
    I think that you guys really suck. Just kidding! You know I appreciate it!
    Ohhhhhhhh, so its like that? See if I ever read that rag of a blog anymore, you just see that!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPOConnorFan View Post
    Tell me about it Whip. They are an amiable bunch though, so it's not all that bad.
    This place seems to get the best of all of the fan bases.

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    Well, we will see how much people really want to ready about the finals tomorrow... starting today (and on all major event days) the forum will require a sign up to view past 1 page.

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    Jensens used to just throw you out if he didn't like you. Now we just pick on you until you fall into our trap of "Minnesota" nice.

    Honestly, it is much more fun with a diverse group around. Most people are very knowledgeable and I have learned alot from some of the great posters on here.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Finally back up.. HostGator sucks at everything.

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    Update on this... I talked to their lead admin (which honestly doesn't mean much) and they are stressing that it is a RAM issue (like the memory in your computer filling up from too many applications being run at the same time)

    So we upgraded the memory and will see how it goes (it will probably take them a day to put the memory in the machine). If they can't get their act together we will have about 24 hours of down time while switching to a different host at some point after the NCAAs.

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    They claiming faulty RAM or a lack of available memory? If it's your own server, I'd be glad to chip in a couple gigabytes for an upgrade...

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