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Thread: Any EWL update links?

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    Default Any EWL update links?

    Intermat nor Pitt are updating. Thanks

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    Default Re: Any EWL update links?

    125: Mike Sees v. Eric Morrill
    133: Billy Ashnault v. Jimmy Conroy
    141: Drew Headlee v. Torsten Gillespie
    149: Darryl Cocozzo v. David Jauregui
    157: Gregor Gillespie v. Matt Moley
    165: Jarrod King v. Donnie Jones
    174: Keith Gavin v. Chance Litton
    184: Kurt Brenner v. Chris Honeycutt
    197: Jared Villers v. Ben Hepburn
    285: Zack Sheaffer v. Mike Spaid

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    Default Re: Any EWL update links?

    Was Kocher the 4 seed? It looks like he lost to Gillespie in the semis.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    Default Re: Any EWL update links?

    Are they still posting? I'm not getting anything. Thx

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