March 6, 2008

Sean Monahan
Staff Writer

Talk about it in The Hawkeye Lounge
When asked about Brent Metcalf this week, Tom Brands said he has been on a rampage. Given the competition at 149 pounds at the Big Ten Championships this week, he will have to continue on that rampage to pick up the title. Metcalf talks about his run of success, the incredible competiton he will face, and much more.

Brent Metcalf shoots for a Big Ten title at 149 pounds this weekend.
METCALF: We've been in these situations. I feel I've been in situations bigger than this in my mind. Really, this is just another tournament. It's just it's an important one. Just another step.

Q: What would be some of those big things that you said you've done?

METCALF: Just some of the competitions I did last year like when I traveled overseas, some of the senior level competitions, even Fargo. You could comparably say that's bigger than the Big Ten tournament, you could say that, probably not as big as the national tournament. It's all perspective, competition is competition, and we've been lucky to be able to compete against these competitors all throughout the year. So, it's just doing it over again, and getting ready to compete.

Q: Seeds don't matter to you? It doesn't matter that you're one seed, eight seed?

METCALF: Actually, seeds, you can't really worry about them. Seeds help, it helps from the perspective of who you may have first round, second round. Really, you're the best guy in your weight class, you got to go and perform. You're going to have to beat the other best guys in the weight class as well.

Q: How do you feel going in?

METCALF: Just excited about it. It's another chance to prove yourself, and just go out and perform. That's the best part about the sport is going out and performing.

Q: How about from the team perspective?

METCALF: Definitely I'm excited about it. We got a lot of guys who could really go out, put some points on the board, and really perform well ? really put us in a good position going into the national tournament. From a team's perspective, I'm excited. I hope we can go out there and perform well, and really give an example of what this team really is about. I think we're tough. We're a pretty darn tough team.

Q: Who's the biggest competition you have at your weight class right now?

METCALF: I've got a lot of great competition. Just looking at it ? semis ? going to have Palmer or Jenkins getting you, those [are] both tough competitors. Then finals, it could be anyone, but probably on paper Schlatter or Churella. So, good competition, and just got to be ready to perform. I got that first round match first ? Paswell that I'm going to have to worry about.

Q: Coach Brands said you've been on a rampage.

METCALF: I've been on a rampage? I guess you could say that. Really, all my wrestling is just a rampage. I really don't like to have ups and down lulls. So, I guess the ideal season, if you're going to wrestle an entire season, you're going to be on a rampage the entire season. Really, I guess it's a rampage. I say its just performance. It's the season, you go out and perform?