Title of this thread kind of sucks, but whatever. Should be self explanatory, feel free to add things as you think of them, I'm just going off the top of my head.

Funk: Perry, Caldwell
Takedown defense: Varner and Dustin Schlatter
Half: Ness
Cradle: Davis
Off the bottom: Davis, Gillespie, Keddy
From the top: Ness, Gillespie
Double leg: Coleman Scott
Reshots: Poeta, Dustin Schlatter
High crotch: Metcalf
Duck under: Dustin Schlatter
Motor: Metcalf
Ankle pick: Rivera
Front head: Metcalf, Rivera
Cement Mixer: Jenkins, Mendes
Leg Rider: Coleman Scott
Tilts: Gillespie
Throws: Bergman

Far as I'll go for now, like I said feel free to use mine, and/or add your own.