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Thread: Unsigned Sr's???

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    Default Unsigned Sr's???

    Does anyone have a clue about where some of these unsigned seniors will go? Or if I have just overlooked their commitments.

    Demetrius Hester-NJ (Deleware-football)
    Travis Coffey-NC
    Christian Brantley-ILL
    Ryan Prater-ILL
    Kyle Bergstedt-CA (Oklahoma)
    Jason Lara-CA (Michigan)
    Kellen Harris-PA (Marshall-football)
    Corey Houser-PA
    Austin Carter-PA
    Matt Mariacher-NY
    Jamal Lawrence-IN
    Dominic Valencia-NM
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    Harris is going to Marshall to play football.

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    Hester has a football scholarship to U Delaware. His wrestling career is virtually done since UDel is non-supportive.

    UDel has always befuddled me. How can a school sponsor a HS and college tournament as prestigious as The Beast, yet not support a university varsity team? Well, maybe someday they'll raise the club team to varsity level once again.

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    Jason Lara has committed to Michigan according to the website That's a big pickup for the Wolverines to get a kid rated that highly from California. They haven't been strong at 125 in a few years so he might get his chance early.

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    No one knows where to put Brantley. He has an interesting body type for a 215 - short, thick, with really long, strong arms. His opponents have no clue what to do with him. He may be able to cut down to 197, but I think he could be successful at heavy.

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    are you saying then that he is alot like a troll?
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Nooooo. Christian is a good kid; I would not call him that.

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