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Thread: Thom Ortiz Out at ASU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiltz View Post
    Rob koll wrestled at North Carolina his dad was a long time coach at psu
    ... and an Iowa wrestling legend. Maybe the best wrestler to come from Iowa before Gable. Also coached at UNI briefly before PSU I believe.
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    Iowa State teachers college(UNI) won a national title
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Having been in NY this past week I missed all of this. It was about 3 years too late IMO. I agree with Homer that Simpson would be a great choice, especially if he could have Saunders in the room. If Larkin could come in that would be great but I have heard like everyone else his priorities are his family and should be. I would love to see Cain Velasquez assist also with the bigs. Bringing in someone from the East Coast, Iowa or Ohio would be nice so they can recruit those wrestling rich states.

    I am interested who they will bring in after nearly losing the program. Do they want to invest in it and bring in a top coach to return ASU to where it belongs?

    Maybe they Bring DeBerry up from Sunnyside , see if he has it at the next level

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    Aaron Simpson all the way. Can't get a more stand up and deserving guy.

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