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Thread: Hawkeyes Own The Mat

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    The fleeing the mat was called three times during matches I watched on Sat. The officials failed to call two flagrant ones that I saw during the finals. Its the same with stalling. They need to be more consistant.
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    I am all about hitting a wrestler with a fleeing warning when they make a conscious effort to go out of the circle. Second time is a point and so on like stalling...

    Besides, who wants to be known as a "flee" er?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gg121and2 View Post
    Do you mean - as opposed to beating unranked Drexel, unranked Rider, unranked Penn and 17th-ranked Illinois?
    I didn't post that OSU is taking over the world, not even after OSU beat Iowa at home. Like I said earlier, Iowa had a good tourney and won their matches. Just stating the facts about who they beat, and I think about six teams could have won those matches this weekend. Don't blame the Iowa fans for being excited after the last several seasons, just not ready to claim them champs yet.....

    I'm not over here talking smack after the win at Iowa and not stirring up things now.

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    Who are the 6 teams that could have won those matches? No one at duals, not OSU, no one. Fact is, Iowa outscored those teams something like 130 something to 31. Who could have done that? I am not an Iowa fan by any stretch of the imagination, but that's ridiculous.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    Iowa did PWN, no doubt about it.

    Having Iowa with a swagger is good for the sport. Its like having the Yankees and Cowboys in contention. Never a bad thing.

    That being said Hawkeye fan, remember how you were referring to DS as boring and a staller? Count on Metcalf and his 4-2 and 6-2 matches becoming much more common. Its the nature of the beast.
    Did you watch the matches? Because Metcalf was constantly working, coming forward, and shooting. So while the scores are similar, the matches were not.

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    Who could have possibly beat the team that won all those matches. They are unbeatable. Maybe someone on the road with a homer ref. No one could possibly beat that super team at home. Even the thought of it is ridiculous.....

    I think there are about six teams that could win Nationals this year, and on a given weekend, win a tourney like the National Duals. Depending on injuries, matchups, winning the close matches, could be any of those six. There's been a new #1 in the polls almost every week. I would think that Iowa and Minnesota look like the best two teams at the moment.

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