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Thread: Cody Yohn (incoming Gopher)

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    Electric!! Cody Yohn (incoming Gopher)

    Semifinal match at Sr. Nationals. Twice during this match he takes a goofy position on top in refs position - kind of a backward, around the waist thing. I don't remember ever seeing anything like it before. Comments, explanations?
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    Ive only seen it once before, in HS, it just led right to an escape. I don't know what the advantages would be, it just looks like you're giving the bottom guy a good opportunity to get his hips up and reverse you. Maybe if you wanted to get into a scramble on the mat, I guess.
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    That is Sonny Yohn his younger brother is Cody he placed 5th in the Jr. division. That start position is new this year I believe, I don't like it and I would almost guarantee he does not use it in the finals.

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    Thanks ugly - my bad.

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    maybe he was just experimenting with it but i don't think i would be doing that on such a big stage against some pretty decent competition...

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    What did you guys think of the Sanders comeback at 119?

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    Could be that the head coach of a local DII school is a guy named Jason Ramstetter (Sonny's high school coach's son?) who was an AA for Cal St Bakersfield. He's been around for a while, recently used to wrestle at Midlands and Senior Nationals. Jason is perhaps the funkiest wrestler out there, and I would venture to guess that he had a part in that position.

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