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    Wow is it just me or did they do pretty bad against ISU?

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    They don't match up well at all.....and they wrestled bad on top of that
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    They match up fine they just lost almost every match.

    On paper they should have won 125, 149, had a shot at 157, 141 being a tossup. They should have won 174, they should have won hvy, mikalak should have gotten bonus at 197. I would have taken cmu on paper

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    ISU wrestled well against CMU. At 174, Sinnott did not go after Scott and paid the price. He let up in OT after Scott got an escape, and Scott dove in for the TD (they horrible ref actually called it a reversal, whatever). And I was impressed with Zabriskie, for being so outweighed, he wrestled a smart match and took a good shot in the closing seconds.
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    I only watched sinnot vs varner I was busy watching one of the other matches

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    They really missed not having Stewart in their lineup at 165. They started a different guys at 165 all three matches. If Stewart was able to wrestle they probably would have beat Minnesota, but since Minnesota didnt have Schlatter it all equalled out and the best team still one. ISU looked like the better conditioned team to me, I think that helped them win all the close matches. All in all I think it was a tough draw for the Chips haveing to go against Minnesota then Iowa State right away in the consolation round. I'm really looking forward to 1/20 when the Wolverines come to Mount Pleasant.

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    CMU has nothing to hang their head about. Its not their fault they were ranked #4 in this tournament and I agree, they got a tough draw.

    They will regroup and I still think they finish Top 5-8 at NCAA's.
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