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Thread: 2008 Virginia Duals: Results/Discussion

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    Default Re: 2008 Virginia Duals: Results/Discussion

    ODU vs VT

    Match Summary ODU VPI
    125 James Nicholson (Old Dominion) over Justin Staylor (Virginia Tech) Dec 4-1 3.00 0
    133 Kyle Hutter (Old Dominion) over Nick Murray (Virginia Tech) Maj 15-7 4.00 0
    141 Ryan Williams (Old Dominion) over Chris Diaz (Virginia Tech) Dec 5-1 3.00 0
    149 Kaylen Baxter (Old Dominion) over Matt Rosen (Virginia Tech) Maj 17-3 4.00 0
    157 Dan Rivera (Old Dominion) over Andre Johnson (Virginia Tech) Dec 9-5 3.00 0
    165 Chris Brown (Old Dominion) over Matt Epperly (Virginia Tech) Maj 21-9 4.00 0
    174 Nick Pullano (Old Dominion) over Eric Decker (Virginia Tech) Dec 3-1 3.00 0
    184 Jesse Strawn (Old Dominion) over Tommy Spellman (Virginia Tech) Dec 6-4 3.00 0
    197 David Mendoza (Old Dominion) over Kevin O`Connor (Virginia Tech) Dec 11-6 3.00 0
    HWT David Marone (Virginia Tech) over Andy Totusek (Old Dominion) Dec 5-3 0 3.00
    Dual Meet Score 30.0 3.0
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    Default Re: 2008 Virginia Duals: Results/Discussion

    This has to be the high water mark for the return of the Bucknell program.

    Bucknell 22 Oregon State 12

    125 Jake Gonzales (Oregon State) over Jose Matos (Bucknell) Dec 5-1 0 3.00
    133 David Marble (Bucknell) over Clifton Ivanoff (Oregon State) TF 18-2 5.00 0
    141 Heinrich Barnes (Oregon State) over Luke Chohany (Bucknell) Dec 12-7 0 3.00
    149 Kevin LeValley (Bucknell) over Kyle Larson (Oregon State) Dec 5-4 3.00 0
    157 Brantley Hooks (Bucknell) over Dan Brascetta (Oregon State) Dec 3-2 3.00 0
    165 Andy Rendos (Bucknell) over Keegan Davis (Oregon State) Dec 7-3 3.00 0
    174 Shane Riccio (Bucknell) over Neal Beaudry (Oregon State) Dec 2-1 3.00 0
    184 Kyle Bressler (Oregon State) over Jay Hahn (Bucknell) Dec 6-5 0 3.00
    197 Brice Arand (Oregon State) over Charlie Wonsettler (Bucknell) Dec 4-1 0 3.00
    HWT George Hingson (Bucknell) over Travis Gardner (Oregon State) TF 18-2 5.00 0
    Dual Meet Score 22.0 12.0

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    Semi finals tomorrow
    OK State v. Penn
    Illinois v. ODU

    Second round consolation match ups (I don't know if these go tonight, or tomorrow morning)
    Kent State vs. Drexel
    Virginia Tech vs. North Dakota State
    Lock Haven vs. Virginia
    Lehigh vs. Rider
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    Those will be tomorrow

    I'm here live and in person....I can't wait for ODU/Illinois. It should be closer than most people would expect.

    Both Ashmore and McSpadden sat after looking close matches to Drexel. Shinn looked real good, admittedly again a lesser opponent.

    You should have seen John Smith sprint across the entire mat when he thought the ref needed to stop an attempt of a takedown by TJ Morrison on Foster, because Foster's knee was being twisted a way it wasn't supposed to go. That was a hell of a match by the way. Foster is tough as hell but needs to get a bit bigger.

    I was shocked myself by VT win over Oregon State. They actually could of/should have won two of the barnburners they lost at 125 and 141. Both guys were ahead for a good portion of the matches.

    One of the better individual matches I saw was Bedelyon of Kent pinning Flores of Illinois. It was a close back and forth match before the fall.
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    Im confused here it looks like the four teams that went 0-2 got 3rd matches but I dont see any brackets for the teams that went 1-2??

    How does this tournament work exactly

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