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Thread: The topsy-turviness of 2007-2008:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    Didn't Iowa just compete at Midlands while Oklahoma State sat out? Might be just a case of Oklahoma State being fresher and healthier at this point. I mean its tough to get ready for a dual meet like this after being just a week away from such a tough tourney as Midlands.
    Valid point

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    Come on! If Iowa would have won the dual the great point would have been:

    Iowa had so much momentum coming off a great Midlands performance and Okie St. was stale after the long break.

    Please let there be no excuses for this dual: sickness, beat up.

    No one was giving any excuses until 157 started. Then the crowd went silent and people started to complain and not cheer. Examples are as follows:

    ** Perry did exactly what Scott did, but no one got all over Perry for stalling and not being aggressive. - I am sure he will flex after his next big win though or maybe he will throw his shoes in the trash.)

    **One (probably more than 1) smart fan was complaining when Fields chose down after the second injury time out for Rosholt. He needed to be corrected.

    *Don't forget there were only 3 real shots taken from 157-174 for Iowa. It is tough to win when you have to be 100% perfect. High pace + more attempts = higher rate of return. Maybe then the calls will go your way. Slaton and Metcalf are good examples of high motors.

    The results are the results Okie State won. I am sure Brands is not making any excuses, just corrections.

    Overall it looks as if no one is ready to step up and handle success this year. It should be a fun finish to the season as teams find out who they really are.
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    the whole dual reminded me a little bit of ISU-Minny where I think both teams had done some great scouting and you just knew when things went down at 165 it was probably over. Borschel v Mason was the coffin closer but lets remember for alot of these Hokeyes that this was there first match against Okie State and I think they all learned something about their opponents.

    No love for Central Michigan moving up at all?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RYou View Post
    Valid point
    I said that on the other thread!

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