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Discuss Cornell at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by HatchetJack Cornell had backups already going in 3-4 weight classes. Unlike a ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by HatchetJack View Post
    Cornell had backups already going in 3-4 weight classes. Unlike a massive state school with lower entry requirements, they do not have an endless supply of state champs, shady transfers and all americans to throw out there. Take a look at their roster and tell me who should have wrestled and how that would be beneficial to the match. Penn State has a nice top 7 team this year so I am not knocking them. Again - the cornell team has so many injuries due to the open tourney sched. Do you even know if they have a backup at 149 at this pt?
    Considering they have 6 guys listed at 49 on their roster (not including frey) I think its likely they had a backup...

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    Frey got pinned 3 times today at 149 at the ND. what does that say about their depth at 149?

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