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Thread: Another ridiculous rule by NCAA

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Its not even a question, thats the exact reason they did it.

    Back in 2000 when three guys died they jacked the weights up 7 pounds

    You could look at it that way, or they just stupidly eliminated the 118 weight class and reduced the others by a few pounds.

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    It was 1997 when the wrestlers died, not 2000.
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    Hey Big - College kids are governed by rules that are "in loco parentis", the "international scene" isn't (nor should it be.) Wrestling competition is great - but the health of college kids comes first. Certification/weight-loss limits/etc. for safe weight-cutting are the absolute highest priorities for the collegiate scene. Plenty of time for insane weight cutting later as adults....

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    The NCAA guidelines are also backed by a significant amount of scientific research. Not anecdotal opinions that cutting once a year is better than every week... These guidelines were established by coordination of the Wrestling Committee and the Competitive Safeguards Committee. The NCAA spends a significant amount of money on researching health and safety standards for all the sports they sponsor.

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    they would also probably perform better on meth amphetamines too big but thats not really an option is it...i liked the way that had it when i wrestled where your certification weight was based on current weight and body fat...pretty simple calculation...
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