Hello Brothers and Sisters,
Every year at this time, I have posted a thread on the old board that could serve as a memorial site for anyone related to wrestling who has passed on. Well, the other site seems to have been infested with trolls and idiots at an unprecedented rate lately, so I thought it might be better to post this here this year.

This thread is dedicated to the memory of anyone who has passed to the great beyond and special to any poster. The person need not be a superstar, nor even known to anyone but the poster, but in sharing his or her name and a few words about this person(s) with our fellow fans, we help to maintain their immortality.

I'll start with three people whose lives and deaths will always hold great meaning to me, and their stories have been passed down to my children and hopefully to their children when they arrive:

Dave Schultz - Dave, you were someone whom I idolized from my very first year of wrestling. Because of you, I was fortunate enough to have a living model of how the sport, at it's finest, should be played, performing the art less than 10 feet away from me. Later, as I became lucky enough to get to know you as a team mate and friend, you always showed me kindness, class and respect, even though you were eons above me in talent and achievement. Because of who and how you were, thousands of wrestlers have been blessed with your presence and approach to our sport and you will live on forever.

Zoe Kreizenbeck- My HS coach's beloved wife, you were killed 4 years ago at age 55 by a drunken and drug influenced loser, only a month before the marriage of your only child. Thank you Zoe for your kindness and patience to all of your husbands young wrestlers. From the dozens of chocolate chip cookies you made before each tournament for us, to your smile and flashing eyes that always greeted us on the sidelines win or lose, to allowing your husband to spend so much of his time that was rightfully yours on a bunch of rag-tag ghetto boys who wanted to learn just a little more about wrestling each week, to being a surrogate mother to so many of us...We all loved you. Thank You Zoe.

Harold Rogers - You came to me and asked me to workout with and coach you shortly after I retired from competing in the sport. Although I was really ready to be done with wrestling, your enthusiasm, your quest for learning and your infectious laughter pulled me back in, and made the 6 years after I had finished with wrestling nearly as enjoyable as the 15 years that I spent as a competitor. I'll miss your booming voice in my answering machine every Tuesday morning yelling :'WAKE UP FATMAN, IT'S TIME FOR YOUR WEEKLY ASS WHOOPIN BY 300 LBS OF TWISTED STEEL AND SEX APPEAL!!" I was so proud of you in your victories Harold, and so sad when the news of your murder hit the streets of Philadelphia. You made the most of a tough hand in life and left many of us laughing and crying at the same time. God Bless you kid.