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    Whatever happened to Mitch Kuhlman he was an up and comer freshman year pretty much started the 2005 season as a starter and just kinda faded what happened?

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    trying to remember...Koz quit, Kuhlman was behind Nagle and went up 3 weights to fill the spot. Next year Kuhlman is injured most of the season and Safratowich moves up to 165 after filling in for CP Schlatter for the first 1/2 of the season at 157. I think reports are that Kuhlman is injured again this year?

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    Thats kind of what I'd assumed that he was hurt again. He actually beat #7 Herbst up at 197 two years ago. Interesting little fact.
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    I've seen him at a few opens and stuff this year and he has not looked very impressive at all.. nor has he placed very highly. After being bumped up to 197 the year before last I thought he'd very much be in the running to start at 165/174 this year but it looks like he might be done wrestling varsity at this point. Dunno if he's lost a step due to injuries or what.

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    Personnally, I think he is just a victim of being in a loaded weightclass. I also think that the jump to 197 took a toll on him (getting bigger as to not be so outweighed) that has made is more difficult to get back to 165 or 174.

    But I think the thing is that he just happend to be behind CP, Nagel, Safratowich, Dretsch, and Glasser.

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    i don't think the knee ever came back right after injury last year...that is my understanding...he is not the same wrestler that he used to be...
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