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Discuss Iowa VS ISU meet at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; As you all know there was a lot of controversy over head coach Cael Sandersons ...
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    Default Iowa VS ISU meet

    As you all know there was a lot of controversy over head coach Cael Sandersons decision to leave the curtain in the Hilton down and restrict seating to the event. Personally I though it was a bad decision as the last thing our sport needs right now are paying customers being turned away from events. A guy who blogs on flowrestling thought similarly to me and posted a little article about how it was a bad idea to not move the curtain. Well I guess Cael must have read it because he posted a response on there and it ended up turning into a back and forth discussion of sorts. I have to admit he gave some really compelling arguements for his decision and he changed my mind on the subject.

    As someone who attends gopher meets as often as I can I still dont own season tickets because they are the same price as tickets to each event individually, and I know there is no way Im going to make it to all the meets so I figure why would I want to throw money away like that? However if buying season tickets was the only way to guarentee seating at a Minnesota vs Iowa or Okie State match I would definitely pony up the extra cash.

    Heres the link for those interested, which I would hope would be all of you

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    Default Re: Iowa VS ISU meet

    There was a part of Cael's response that resonated with me as much as any of it. He mentioned that they had been promising the season ticket holders for over a year that the set up would be the same for the Iowa meet. That means that those who purchased matside seats for every home meet, would also get matside seats for Iowa. I agree with him completely that if they had changed the setup they would have been made into liars in front of their most loyal fans.

    keep in mind that there were fewer than 7000 fans at this meet the last time it was in Ames. Cael has created a scenario where the ISU fans have to buy season tickets in order to garantee themselves tickets for Iowa. It's kinda like here in Columbus for faculty, staff and alumni. I have to buy season tickets so that I'm sure I'll get a ticket for the Michigan game. He's creating a similar situation for wrestling. I say BRAVO!!!! I dream of the day when they have to open up the entire lower bowl at St John arena for a wrestling meet.

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    Default Re: Iowa VS ISU meet

    I enjoyed the debate and admire the fervor with which Coach Sanderson is implementing his strategy.

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    Default Re: Iowa VS ISU meet

    My favorite part of that is finding out that Cael watches the Office. Schrutebucks to Cael!

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    Default Re: Iowa VS ISU meet

    I posted my comment as well on the blog. Thanks for the link.

    I not sure who's point this is in favor of. I did not buy season tickets to start the year. Since sometimes things come up and you never know. Also even last year you could get better seats if you bought GA and got there early. This year that is not the case due to the number of season tickets that they sold. So even for Northern Illinois the seat was not as good. I thought I could get a good individual tickets for the Iowa meet being a cy club member. I was wrong. So I went ahead and bought season tickets. I am happy with my seats and the only thing I regreat is not buying them to start with. I definately will keep them for next year. I like the setup and it all makes since to me now.

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