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Thread: Iowa ? Penn State, January 20, 2008.

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    Default Iowa ? Penn State, January 20, 2008.

    The Iowa Hawkeyes has called Carver Hawkeye Arena home since 1983. Today our overall home record sits at 158-17 for an all-time winning percentage of about 90 percent. But back in February 1988 the Hawk’s were 100 percent at home.

    During the 1987-88 season we were 14-1 but still unbeaten at home when on February 6th (?) in walked Ken Chertow and the Penn State Lions, and when they left Iowa’s home winning streak of 46 straight matches was broken. Penn State had handed us our first loss inside Carver by a score of 19-18.

    If I remember right Ken Chertow’s major of Steve Martin, ODU’s current coach, was the difference in team score. It was a painful night and season. Perhaps Brother Morris can put in a good word to Brother Chertow so he might grace us with a brief post of his experience on that historic night.

    Notwithstanding the National Duals, on January 20, 2008 Penn State returns to Carver Hawkeye Arena and the will be as dangerous then as they were back in 1988.
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