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Thread: Lvoe!

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    lost, if you are going to write the blogs, just blog here know we read them...why do the link?
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    So that people actually go to the site and read them! I signed up to blog for big, yeah I could just post all those things on the forums but then it wouldnt really be a blog would it, it'd be a forum post!

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    you can set up a blog here
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    OK I will try to comment more!

    Schlottke, is there any way that the blog content from LoSt's blog can be displayed on both sites? Like whenever he writes an entry, it gets automatically imported to TWT blog so he gets more readers? I think there should be a way with RSS feeds but I am clueless on how that works...

    His blog is at



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    yah I have no problem having my blog in more then one spot I didnt even know we had blogs here!

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