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    Hmmmm, dad never had red hair and Mom's always been a brunette.

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    If he makes me play let's name our career losses game again, I am going to quit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dart Shark View Post
    Took this pic at the Iowa State-Rider Match. Didn't have much use for it, but I thought the picture itself was pretty funny. The people's eyebrow?

    Cael: You're name is pronounced Khye-Ler? With a Ka, Ka sound?
    Cyler: (sighes deeply)
    Cael: I always thought it was Cy-ler like in Cy-clone.
    CylerSighes again)
    "Within all of us there burns a passion of fire. Forever feel the heat from the flames of your desire"

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    Cyler: "Are farts lumpy"
    Cael: "Your nasty"

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    Cyler: (Whispering) "Ima tree, Ima tree, Ima tree, Ima tree."

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