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Thread: Who Should Be #1 Team In College Wrestling????

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    #1 ISU
    #2 Gophers
    #3 Okie State

    this sounds good to me but wait until march
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    Quote Originally Posted by LoSt View Post
    Dustins "go to" shot is a duck, which means the other guy has to be exerting some forward pressure, its not so easy for him to score on a guy whos content to not get majored. I should think the difference between a 1-0 match and a 9-2 match is pretty obvious... one is domination and the other is not, if dustins winning 9-2 he can afford to get sloppy and give up a takedown. Against mueller dustin actually would have gotten the major with his takedown at the buzzer except he cut mueller in the 2nd period to try and work some more offense.
    the reference I am trying to make is that whether you beat someone 1-0 or 9-2 still only gets you three then a wrestler like Dustin ought to start going a little more balls out...

    you guys can all disagree with me and that is fine but its my opinion none the less...
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